SIT Instream Turbine

The SCHOTTEL Instream Turbine is a real lightweight and yet a robust generator of hydrokinetic energy. It is based on the fact that reducing turbine size leads to a better ratio of power and material use.

A SIT produces 70 kW rated, grid-ready electric power based on two rotor diameters (4.0m and 6.3m). Thanks to its modular approach, a higher overall power can be reached with a larger number of turbines.

SIT can be implemented in river and tidal applications.


  • Horizontal axis free flow turbine
  • Passive-adaptive composite blades
  • No active pitch mechanism
  • Safe and reliable sealing system
  • Robust drive train with two-stage planetary gearbox
  • Optional multi-disc brake
  • Induction generator
  • Passive cooling by ambient water
  • Innovative control strategy


  • Robust, simple and lightweight
  • Low investment cost
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Scalable in terms of quantity
  • Flexible modular approach
  • High efficiency and low thrust
  • Easy transportation